Quality and reliability forged into the material of an ancient tradition.

The geographical setting of the long-standing history of Ausonia is Maniago, a small town nestling at the foot of the Pre-Alps in Friuli-Venezia Giulia, where the art of the blacksmith is a very ancient tradition. Suffice to say, from the 15th century onwards, local skilled knife-makers supplied the troops of the Venetian Republic.

Ausonia - veduta aerea di Maniago

The protagonist was the Nanutti Beltrame family, which, in the late 19th century, established the first equipped metallurgical workshops in the area, the so-called ‘battiferri’ (iron beaters), giving rise to the company set up in 1919, the first ever in the industry based in Maniago. This was followed in 1930 by the creation of the Ausonia brand, which has established its position over the decades to represent a quality acknowledged worldwide today.

Ausonia - copertina catalogo coltelleria

Merging the heritage of craftsmanship that has been preserved for countless generations with cutting-edge manufacturing technologies, Ausonia produces an exceptionally wide range of tools and equipment for professionals and enthusiasts, for use in agriculture, gardening, building, cooking and outdoor activities.

Ausonia - sede di Maniago

A history spanning over 100 years.
A path of growth charted in the crucial decades of the 20th and 21st centuries.


The Nanutti Beltrame family establish the first company.


The Ausonia brand is created.

The Ausonia brand is registered under the name the Greeks gave to the lands of the Italic peninsula, deriving from Ausonio, son of Ulysses, and the sorceress Circe, the legendary king of the Ausoni people. Next to it is a strong and recognisable symbol, the rampant lion, inspired by the lion of Saint Mark frescoed on the façade of Palazzo D'Attimis in Maniago. It was painted in 1570 by Pomponio Amalteo, pupil and son-in-law of Giovanni Antonio de’ Sacchis, also known as ‘il Pordenone’.


Ahead of its time, the company begins to invest in communication.

The Beltrame family, the long-standing owners of the company, are among the first to understand the importance of advertising and decide to promote the company by associating the brand with an evocative illustration with great aesthetic appeal. Later, anticipating what would become a widespread promotional activity, they begin sponsoring the local football team.


The range is extended, foreign markets are explored and advertising activities are increased.

The Ausonia product range further expands, opening up to the building industry with a new line of tools and equipment, in addition to the agricultural line and to the line of cutlery, kitchen utensils and houseware. The company also begins to focus on foreign markets. At the same time, the company increases its advertising space in the trade press.


The process of internationalisation begins and the company increases its participation at trade fairs.

Ausonia forges new business relations with international partners and starts to outsource the production of some products. Participation at trade fairs is intensified, including at SAIE in Bologna, in some cases in partnership with the Spanish brand Bellota.


The centenary is a milestone transformed into a new starting point.

Ausonia is 100 years old. As with every goal achieved, the company turns this amazing milestone into a new starting point, from which to embark on a path of modernisation that will lead it into an even broader market scenario full of opportunities.



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