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colour finishes, drywalls and insulation.
Art: 87810

Exhibitor with 12 tungsten carbide coated discs.

12 round tungsten carbide coated discs. Suitable for stone, concrete, plaster, limestone, porphyry, marble, bitumen, ceramic, paints, brickwork, felt, linoleum, rubber, epoxy, plastic, fiberglass, pvc, wood, metal. Discs last up to 150 more than sandpaper. Designed for wet or dry cleaning, does not clog on soft surfaces. Suitable for all types of grinders. Maximum safety, respects environmental standards (cert. OSA and EN12413). The exhibitor contains: N° 5 pcs 115 mm (1 pcs grain 14, 2 pcs grain 24, 2 pcs grain 36) N° 4 pcs 125 mm (1 pcs grain 14, 2 pcs grain 24, 1 pcs grain 36) N° 3 pcs 180 mm (1 pcs grain 14, 1 pcs grain 24, 1 pcs grain 36)



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